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Every year the CCD-Guide team publishes a new DVD, which assists astrophotographers in planning their imaging projects. Besides a huge number of reference images CCD-Guide contains a software to find images, to view images and to obtain all necessary data. The newest release contains more than 4,300 reference images + 1,600 archive images of 52 astrophotographers.

You can order our new CCD-Guide 2019 at a price of 29 € + postage. All users of older CCD-Guide versions can buy an update for the new release 2019 at a price of 19 € + postage. If you have any problems or questions regarding our webshop, please send an e-mail to info "@" astronomie.at

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Features of the CCD-Guide software

  • Extensive deep sky object database including object data, based on 30 big standard catalogues
  • Easy search function for objects
  • Simultaneous viewing of object data, image acquisition data and preview picture
  • Filter the images by different criteria, e.g. coordinates, object type, object size, constellation, catalogue, observer, camera, telescope or date.
  • Create a slide show of selected images
  • Input your own images including data to create your personal image archive
  • Observation planning for astrophotographers including calculation of the ideal observation window considering object height, sun, moon and local horizon
  • Minimal system requirements: CCD-Guide is executable on all current Windows PCs (starting with Windows 7) without installation.


You can find further details and information about the CCD-Guide DVD in the following documents:

CCD-Guide Folder CCD-Guide Manual


The following link lists all astrophotographers, who contributed to CCD-Guide:

CCD-Guide Astrophotographers


Please click here to order your copy of CCD-Guide 2019!


Video tutorials

Video tutorials in English (not up to date)

New features of version CCD-Guide 2019
  • 383 new images
  • CCD-Guide software 3.4: You can find a list of the new software features below.
  • ObjectTracker: CCD-Guide is delivered with the new and very powerful planning tool ObjectTracker, which was developed by Hartmut Bornemann. ObjectTracker can also be used as a stand-alone tool. It quickly and easily answers the question of whether a particular object can be photographed at a selected location on a particular night. The ideal time window for taking photographs is calculated taking into account twilight, moon, object altitude and optional horizon. The altitude progression of the object and of the moon is displayed in an intuitive graphic.
  • Extended '>>>' functionality: In CCD-Guide 3.4 the '>>>' button was extended by the ObjectTracker function. This means that ObjectTracker can be started with one click with the currently active object of the browser or of the planner.
  • Export OT: The filtered object list of the Planner can be exported to the ObjectTracker catalog file CCD_Guide.cat. Thus not only a single object can be transferred to ObjectTracker from CCD-Guide but a list of objects of any length. This is very useful when selecting the best object to shoot from a large number of possible objects.


New features of version CCD-Guide 2018
  • 380 new images
  • 2 new astrophotographers: Rolf Geissinger and Jens Zippel.
  • CCD-Guide software 3.3: You can find a list of the new software features below.
  • Simplified folder structure: The new folder structure is based on a clear separation between master data (= all data and all images which are delivered with CCD-Guide) and user data (= all inputs and all images of the user). This separation simplifies the process of creating a backup of your own data, makes an update to future releases of CCD-Guide easier, and offers a convenient possibility to switch between different user databases.
  • Extended ‘>>>’ functionality: CCD-Guide 3.3 offers the possibility to use the ‘>>>’ functions (Planetarium, Sky-map.org and Export to Planner) also in cases when you have set an Objectname filter, but no datasets were found.
  • 1 bug fixed


New features of version CCD-Guide 2017
  • 542 new images
  • 3 new astrophotographers: Michael Deger, Gabriele Gegenbauer and Justin Kabaus.
  • CCD-Guide software 3.2: No modifications of the software. The current release 3.2 runs very stable.


New features of version CCD-Guide 2016
  • 383 new images
  • 2 new astrophotographers: Fabian Neyer and Wolfgang Promper
  • CCD-Guide software 3.2: You can find a list of the new software features below.
  • ListView for Browser improved: The procedure to change the appearance of the main data table in the tab Browser was significantly improved. It is now very easy to make columns visible or invisible, to change the order and the width of columns and to save all settings.
  • ListView in tabs Planner, EditObject and EditPicture: The new ListView features for configuring the layout of the main data table are now also available in the Planner tab, in the EditObject tab and in the EditPicture tab.
  • QuickFilter: Previous releases of CCD-Guide offered two possibilities to filter a main data table: the ObjectnameFilter and the SetFilter. Additional to these two filter types a new type is now introduced, the so called QuickFilter. When you enter a search string into the edit field of the QuickFilter, then only those data rows are shown which contain this search string in one of the data fields. This is a very fast and efficient way to reduce the number of data rows in a main data table. QuickFilter is available in the tabs Browser, Planner, EditObject and EditPicture.
  • Improved performance of ObjectBrowser: Switching between ImageBrowser and ObjectBrowser is now much faster than in the previous release.
  • Improved performance of SlideShow in Planner
  • Export CSV: The main data tables of the tabs Planner, EditObject and EditPicture can be exported into a csv-file.
  • Simplified button structure in Browser and Planner
  • New default name for REF images in Planner
  • 3 bugs fixed


New features of version CCD-Guide 2015
  • 790 new images
  • 8 new astrophotographers: Daniel Verschatse, Johannes Schedler, Martin Rusterholz, Thomas Henne, Wolfgang Leitner,Tommy Nawratil, David Gloistein and Walter Primik
  • 2 new catalogues: SANDQVIST (Sandqvist + Sandqvist-Lindroos) and DCLD (Catalogue of Southern Dark Clouds)
  • CG catalogue completed
  • CCD-Guide software 3.1: You can find a list of the new software features below.
  • Optimization for night vision: The Help tab and the About tab were improved to give better results when using a software which enables a night vision mode (e.g. software The Sky).
  • Sorting of tables: Improved sorting of tables according to object name
  • Edit Picture: Edit Picture is easier to use because of removing the extension jpg in picture name.
  • Working with an external hard disk: Working with CCD-Guide on two different computers using the same external hard disk is now easier, because the paths are automatically set.
  • Working with USB stick: All features of CCD-Guide including Planner and Edit Picture are now available when working on an USB stick.
  • 13 bugs fixed


New features of version CCD-Guide 2014
  • 287 new images
  • 1 new astrophotographer: Robert Pölzl
  • 2 new catalogues: Gum and RCW
  • CCD-Guide software 3.0: is a major software release with many new features. See following points.
  • Set Filter in all tabs: Advanced filter options are now available in all tabs. This was possible by moving the old Set Filter tab into a new window, which can be called in all tabs of CCD-Guide.
  • ObjectBrowser: The ImageBrowser tab was renamed to Browser tab. The Browser tab contains now two different modes: the ImageBrowser mode and the ObjectBrowser mode. The ImageBrowser feature was already available in Release 2.0, but the ObjectBrowser mode is completely new. The ObjectBrowser opens the possibility to browse through the object data of all objects of the CCD-Guide database including the usage of the advanced filter options of the Set Filter window.
  • Planner: The Planner tab was completely reworked and is now much easier to use. The creation of setups was moved to Edit Setup tab. The free space in Planner tab was used to show a bigger preview image of the planner image. The data grid of the Planner tab can show all planner data rows of all of your setups in one table and you can filter your planner data rows with new filter options.
  • New Set Filter features: The Set Filter window has a new type of filter criteria, the so called ‘Planner Criteria’. With these criteria you can easily filter your planner data rows. You can save and reload your filter settings. This is very useful, if you create many complex and powerful filters.
  • New planetarium programs: In Release 2.1 you could open Cartes du Ciel, centred on an object which was selected in the ImageBrowser. Release 3.0 gives you the possibility to choose between the following planetarium programs: Cartes du Ciel, Guide 8, Guide 9, The Sky6 Pro and The SkyX Pro. The planetarium button is now not only available in the ImageBrowser but also in the ObjectBrowser and in the Planner.
  • Link to sky-map.org: When you are connected to the internet then you can use the new sky-map.org button, which opens sky-map.org, centred on the selected object in ImageBrowser, ObjectBrowser or Planner.
  • FOV Image in Planner: When you are connected to the internet then you can use the new FOV Image button to download an image from sky-map.org with the right image field of your selected setup.
  • Export to Planner: The active object in ImageBrowser or in ObjectBrowser can be easily exported to the Planner.
  • Order of tabs: The order of tabs was changed, so that the most important tabs come first. The new tab sequence is: 1. Browser (ImageBrowser + ObjectBrowser); 2. Planner; 3. Edit Setup; 4. Edit Object; 5. Edit Picture; 6. Options.
  • Find Object: Find Object is now easier to use. It is not necessary to enter a blank character between the catalogue name and the catalogue number. (e.g: ‘ngc 1’ and ‘ngc1’ are allowed).
  • Sorting in data grids: By clicking on the head of data columns you can sort the data grid. This feature is now available in all tabs.
  • Import new comets: When you are connected to the internet, then you can import new comets into your object database from www.minorplanetcenter.net .
  • Filter status is indicated: When a filter is active on a data grid, then the active filter is indicated by bold characters of the Set Filter button. When a Find Object filter is active, then this active filter is indicated by bold characters of the Find Object button.
  • 12 bugs fixed


New features of version CCD-Guide 2013
  • 422 new images
  • 6 new astrophotographers: Gerald Rhemann, Sebastian Voltmer, Patrick Hochleitner, Dieter Beer, Wolfgang Hitzl and Peter Großpointner
  • CCD-Guide software 2.1: You can find a list of the new software features below.
  • New ListView in Imagebrowser: Using the new ListView mode 'User' you can define which data columns are visible.
  • Save ListViews in Imagebrowser: The order of the data columns and the width of the data columns can be modified and saved.
  • Planner Comment Editor: You can use an editor to modify your planner comments. Planner comments up to a size of 5000 characters are possible.
  • Planner images: Planner images can be replaced and deleted.
  • New object type Milky Way
  • 11 bugs fixed




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